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Quotation for Annual Maintenance of Computers


Date:  1/05/2012                                                            





Sub.:    Quotation for Annual Maintenance of Computers.


Please quote your most competitive rate for the above mentioned work. The description o machines (PC, Printers, UPS) is given as below. You should quote your rate in sealed envelop in the following proforma.

S. No.

Machine Description


Rate (in Rupees)


ACER Desktop P-IV

10 Nos.



HP Laptop

1 No.



HP Desktop

3 Nos.



Lenovo Desktop

6 No.



Printer HP Photosmart

2 Nos.



Printer Inkjet 5748

3 Nos.



Printer 840-C

2 Nos.



Printer 3550

1 No.




14 Nos.



Printer HP Deskjet D-2460

4 Nos.



Printer Samsung ML-2245

4 Nos.


The rates should be inclusive of all costs.

You are advised to visit the office to see the hardware on DATE between 3.00 p.m. to 6.00 p.m.

The sealed envelop should reach the office on 14.05.2012 by 3.00 p.m.

Yours faithfully,

                                                                                          (GAUTAM MAJUMDAR)

                                                                             Assistant Secretary





Others Adds…….


Government of NCT of Delhi

‘C’ Block, 2nd Floor, Vikas Bhawan,

I.P. Estate, New Delhi – 110 002. 

No.: F.1 (19)/DCW/2005/






Sub.:   Printing of Newsletter.


A sealed quotation is hereby invited for printing of Newsletter as per the following specifications.

1.         The size of the Newsletter                  28 cms. X 22 cms.

2.         Paper for Printing                                170 gsm. Art Paper

3.         Pages                                                   8 Pages

4.         Binding                                               Staple

5.         Colour                                                 Multi Colour

6.         Printing                                               Hindi

7.         Rate for 500 copies                             Rs.

8.         Rate of 1,000 copies                           Rs.

9.         Reprint rate for 500 copies                 Rs.

10.       Reprint rate for 1,000 copies              Rs.

 The sealed quotations should reach the undersigned at the above address on or  before 12.03.2012 by 3.00 p.m. positively. The rates are valid for one year only.

The sample of the previous Newsletter is enclosed for ready reference.
Yours faithfully,



Assistant Secretary



Government of NCT of Delhi

‘C’ Block, 2nd Floor, Vikas Bhawan,

I.P. Estate, New Delhi – 110 002.

No.: F.1/28/Estt.-DCW/2011/






Sub.:   Printing of Hamare Adhikar – Booklet.


Sealed quotation is hereby invited for the printing of Hamare Adhikar – Booket as per the following specifications:

1.         The size of the Booklet                       5.7” x 8.5”

2.         Cover page                                          220 gsm. Imported Art Card

3.         Paper for Printing                                130 gsm. Art Paper

4.         Pages                                                   56 + 4 Pages

5.         Colour                                                 Multi Colour

6.         Printing                                               Hindi

7.         No. of copies                                       10,000 copies

8.         Designing                                            Inclusive

9.         Rate for additional pages                    +/- 4 Pages

10.       Cost per book                                      Rs.

The sealed quotation should reach the undersigned at the above address on or before 20.12.2011 at 3.00 p.m. positively

 The sample of previous booklet is seen in DCW office for ready reference in any working day.

  Yours faithfully,



Assistant Secretary




 Other Add

Quotations for printing


Dated 2nd November 2011

Sub:  Printing of Annual Report 2010-11

Sealed quotations are hereby invited for printing of the Commission’s Annual Report 2010-11, as per following specifications.

Cover page                              -           300 gsm with lamination

Inner pages                              -           170 gsm

Size                                         -           A-4

Printing                                   -           4 colour

No of pages                             -           60 (inside) + 4 (cover) approx.

Rate for additional pages        -           +/- 4 pages

Quantity                                  -           1000 copies

Reprint cost                             -           1000 copies

Designing charges inclusive

The sealed quotations should reach the undersigned by 4.00 pm of 14th November 2011. The quotations received after the specified date and time shall not be considered.

Yours faithfully,

( Gautam Majumdar )

Assistant Secretary





Notice inviting Proposals for Mahila Panchayats

Delhi Commission for Women, an autonomous organization of the Govt of NCT of Delhi invites applications from interested Voluntary Organizations/NGOs/CBOs working in the field of empowerment of women to set up mahila panchayats in specified areas/localities of Delhi. Details of the programme, the governing guidelines, areas identified etc can be downloaded from the website or can be collected from the office of the Commission on any working day between 10.30 am and 5.30 pm. The last date for receipt of applications complete in all respects, is 14th October 2011 by 4.00 pm. Organizations with experience in the relevant field or/and located in the areas identified for the mahila panchayats shall be given preference. Organizations already part of the panchayat network shall not be eligible for selection. The Commission’s decision with regard to sanctioning of the programme to an organization shall be final.

Deputy Secretary

Delhi Commission for Women

Ph: 23379738



Delhi Commission for Women

Guidelines for Non-Government Organizations/Voluntary Organizations 

  • The Voluntary Organisation/Non Government Organisation, after its registration, should be active in their chosen field for at least 3 years. However, this requirement may be relaxed in the case of VOs/NGOs/CBOs promoted by or associated with persons, who have distinguished themselves in public affairs/community welfare programmes/women welfare and empowerment programmes in the NCT of Delhi.
  • The organization should have experience of working in the relevant or related area(s).
  • It should be having an office premises, owned or rented, assets of at least Rs. one lakh and personnel having experience of grass root level work.
  • It should not be run for profit of any individual or body of individuals.
  • Its services should be open to all without discrimination on the basis of caste, creed or religion.

Documents to be submitted.

Applications should be submitted in a prescribed Performa and should contain the following information/documents:

  • Detailed project/programme outline as per Performa at Annexure-I
  • Information concerning VO/NGOs   as  per Performa at Annexure-II.
  • Copy of Registration Certificate
  • Memorandum of Association/Articles of Association
  • Annual Reports of last three years
  • Audited Statements of last three financial years
  • Details of programmes that the NGO has/is executed/executing during the last three years along with documents to verify that the programmes have been/are being successfully implemented as per Performa at Annexure-III
  • Performance certificates/other documents to support that the VO/NGO has successfully implemented/is implementing the project/programme for which grant in aid has been received.
  • Certificate to the effect that the VO/NGO has not obtained or applied for grants for the same purpose or activity from any other ministry or department of Govt of India/State Government/Delhi Government.
  • An undertaking to the effect that the VO/NGO/CBO has not been blacklisted by the any ministry/department/agency of the government (Central or State) 

Performance Guaranty & Penalty for Non-Performance.

Performance Undertaking shall be submitted by the implementing VOs/NGOs.

Action would be taken for non-performance in order to ensure that only performing NGOs receive assistance. The legal conditions to be imposed on the NGOs can be included in a draft agreement to be signed by the NGO before release of grant. In the event of unsatisfactory performance, one or more of the following steps could be taken:

  • Cancellation of the programme to the VO/NGO and recovery of the grant already released or non-release of further installments
  • Discontinuance of funding in subsequent years.
  • Black listing

Scrutiny and inspection of the NGOs.

The Commission shall make an inspection of the NGOs office premises and verify the records. The organization shall make available all the records and materials that may be called for this purpose by the visiting team. Any discrepancy in the documents submitted to the Commission which may not corroborate with the inspection report shall not entitle the organization to be part of the programme. 

Sanction of the programme and Memorandum of Understanding

Once the formal orders sanctioning a programme is allotted to an organization, a Memorandum of Understanding is to be entered into with the Commission. The NGOs will bear the cost involved in procuring the stamp paper etc.

Costs, guidelines, norms and yardsticks.

The Commission has the sole authority for determining the quantum of assistance to the provided to an organization for a particular programme which involves the association of a voluntary organization.

Unit costs are standardized for similar programmes.

No capital expenditures/creation of fixed assets are permitted out of the grants from Commission. 

The Commission does not provide for transport to the office bearers of the organization for attending to meetings etc but transportation costs for those employees where adequate justifications are provided and if it forms part of the standardized budget, for example, to attend to Crisis Intervention in case of rape, for counseling, etc. are allowed.

Rentals are permitted where they were part of the main core of the standardized cost, namely, to set up an office to hold training, networking, run para legal cells, or for running shelter home.

Schedule of payment and installments by DCW 

Grant is released in accordance with the MOU signed and terms and conditions set there under. 

Maintenance of Accounts and financial monitoring

Accounts will be maintained by the voluntary organization strictly in accordance with the guidelines issued by the Delhi Commission for Women. Any variation/violation of the guidelines or/and terms and conditions will surrender the sanctioned programme. NGOs have to get internal accounting completed and to submit financial statements for the period that the Commission may demand, to facilitate obtaining next installment.  

The accounts of the NGO for the programme shall be open to audit by the Delhi Commission for Women through its officials or any agency authorized by the Commission to do so on its behalf. Any discrepancy/misappropriation of funds released by the Commission shall be recoverable/deductible.

Qualitative and quantitative reports

Qualitative and quantitative reports in respect of the programme are to be submitted by the organization as per terms and conditions


The programme shall be open for monitoring by the Commission or any agency authorized by it for the purpose. The observations/recommendations that may come up during the monitoring is binding on the NGO.

The programme shall also be open for evaluation by the Commission or any other government agency/department or any organization authorized for this purpose by the Commission. The NGO shall extend all cooperation for the evaluation during the tenure of the programme or after completion of the programme period. Costs of evaluation were borne by DCW.



Proforma for submission of project/programme details by VO/NGO

  • Name of Project/Programme
  • Name of area, with district
  • Objectives
  • Sources of funds
  • (a)  Demand from Delhi Commission for Women
  • (b) Contribution by NGO
  • (c)  Contribution from other sources (pl specify)
  • Period for execution of Programme/programme
  • Expected benefits
  • Name of the contact person for the Project/Programme

 I/We …………………………….. abide by the terms and conditions of the Project/Programme in the event of sanctioning of the grant to our organization.



Name of the organization

Office zeal



Information concerning Voluntary Organization/Non-Government Organization

  • Namr of the VO/NGO
  • Registered Address            
  • Permanent Postal Address   
  • Whether the office premises are owned/rented/leased
  • Registration Number of VO/NGO, date, State and Act under which registered
  • Name of Office bearers      
  • Principal Executive Officer
  • Contact Person
  • Details of Personnel including personnel to be hired for the programme (including qualification, experience etc)
  • Assets (Land, building, equipment, machinery, vehicles etc)
  • Audited expenditure statements for last three years
  • Bank particulars
  • (a)  Name and Address of Bank(s)
  • (b) VO/NGO Account No(s)

I/We …………………………….. abide by the terms and conditions of the Project/Programme in the event of sanctioning of the grant to our organization.



Name of the organization

Office zeal



Information regarding grants/funds received from sources other than Delhi Commission for Women for the last three years including projects/programmes at hand

  • Name of Organization
  • Details of grant/funds received
SN Name of project Objectives Target Project cost Sources of funds Period of execution Benefits accrued






















Name of the organization

Office zeal


Areas Identified for new Mahila Panchayats

District Area Name

North Delhi


Sonia Vihar


Majnu ka Tilla


Adarsh Nagar

Sabzi Mandi







Rana Partap Bagh



East Delhi


Karawal Nagar

Kondli – Gharoli



Sashi Garden




Krishna Nagar




West Delhi

Nihal Vihar

Kamaruddin Nagar


Punjabi Bagh



Budh Vihar

Shakur Basti

Shalimar Bagh

Gulabi Bagh

Tilak Nagar

Guru Nanak Nagar


Hastsal Vihar



South Delhi





Sarai Kale Khan

Ali Village


Print media campaign 



Sub:  Print media campaign.


The Delhi Commission for Women, an autonomous organization of the Govt of National Capital Territory of Delhi, intends to start a print media campaign on ‘Safety and Empowerment of Women’. The Commission runs various programmes, the details of which are attached.

In the above connection, the Commission invite you to a briefing on 6th September 2011 at 11.30 am. The venue is Conference Room. The job shall be strictly in accordance with the rate card and terms and conditions for creative agencies empanelled with DAVP. For further clarifications, if required, the undersigned can be contacted.

Yours faithfully,

( Gautam Majumdar )

Assistant Secretary


Other Advertisements


Designs for Advertisement


Sub: Designs for advertisement of Independence Day.


The Delhi Commission for Women, an autonomous organization of the Govt of NCT of Delhi, proposes to issue an advertisement on the eve of Independence Day, wishing good wishes to all citizens living in capital region, especially women.  The advertisement shall also highlight the programmes that the Commission exuecute for the welfare of women.

Designs are hereby invited for the above purpose. The designs may be half-page/quarter page size, which shall be open for change according to the decision of the Commission. The Commission shall not make any payment for the designs, and it will be issued through DIP empanelled agency only and at davp rate. The designs may be submitted by 3.00 pm of 4th August 2011.

Yours faithfully,

( Gautam Majumdar )

Assistant Secretary



Appointment of  Coordinator

Delhi Commission for Women

(Govt of NCT of Delhi)

2nd Floor, C-Block, Vikas Bhawan, I P Estate, New Delhi – 110 002

Notice Inviting Applications

Applications on prescribed format are invited from persons (females only) having MSW/MA(psychology) for appointment of a Coordinator for Helpline on full time basis, on a fixed monthly remuneration of Rs.10,000/- (Rupees ten thousands only) all inclusive, purely on contract basis.  Persons with experience as counselor in a reputed organization can also apply. Knowledge of computer is essential. The working time is from 9.30 am to 6.00 pm (five days a week). The terms and conditions and application forms can be downloaded from DCW website at or can be obtained in person from the DCW office on any working day up to 3.00 pm of 10th August 2011. The selection will be through interview. The applications complete in all respects, along with copies of the qualifications/experience may be sent to the Assistant Secretary of the Commission at the address mentioned above, by 4.00 pm of 10th August 2011. Applications received late/without relevant documents/qualifications shall not be accepted. The Commission reserves the right to reject the candidature of an applicant/applicants and its decision in this respect shall be final.

Assistant Secretary

Delhi Commission for Women

Ph: 23378044/23378317


Space for photo

(Passport size)

1. Name of the candidate                       :           ………………………………………

2. Name of father/mother/husband         :           ………………………………………

3. Age and date of birth                         :           ………………………………………

4. Permanent address                              :           ………………………………………



5.Present Address/address for communication : ………………………………………



6. Details of educational qualification    :         ………………………………………



7. Experience with details                       :           ………………………………………




8. Details of research work done, if any :           ………………………………………

(add additional sheets if required)                  ………………………………………


9. Any other relevant information          :           ………………………………………

Date    :

Place    :                                                                                   Signature of candidate





Delhi Commission for Women
Terms and Conditions for appointment on contract basis
Period of contract:

  • The period shall commence as mentioned in the offer letter.  The appointment shall stand terminated at the closing hour of the prescribed period or on service of notice of termination, as mentioned herein, whichever is earlier.
  • The appointment can be terminated at the option of either side by giving 7 (seven) days’ notice. However, in case the Commission wishes to terminate the appointment, the same can be done forthwith, however, in that case 7 (seven) days remuneration in lieu of the notice shall be offered.

Work Responsibilities and Conduct during contract:

  • The appointee shall employ himself/herself efficiently and diligently to the duties assigned to him in the Commission. The work shall be assigned to the appointee, from time to time, as per the requirement of the Commission.
  • The appointee shall be personally responsible for the proper maintenance of records etc which he/she has to handle/deal with.
  • The appointee shall maintain good relations with co-workers and officials of the Commission.
  • Being a responsive public dealing organization of the government, every appointee is expected to be cordial and accommodative to the general public while dealing with them.

Manner of movement of files/papers etc:

  • The appointee shall maintain official procedure in the movement of files/letters and all other correspondence. These should be marked to the immediate officer only and no efforts should be made to approach/move the papers to the seniors directly.
  • The files/letters if and when moved, will be properly maintained with page numbers on both sides, i.e. correspondence and noting sides. Any lapse on this part will be treated as dereliction of duty and may result in termination of contract.
  • No files/letters should be sent to other offices/organizations/individuals without obtaining the prior approval of the Assistant Secretary/Deputy Secretary or Member Secretary.
  • The record keepers will maintain file movements register for keeping records of the files they give/move to their superiors. The files when moved will be entered in the register date wise, and when it is received back the entry to that effect will be made against the same entry and page. Strict confidentiality of the files and other official papers will be maintained and will not be handed over to the outsiders at any cost. The record keepers will be solely responsible for loss/defacement etc of the files and other papers they are supposed to maintain.
  • Court case files will be maintained separately and immediate superiors will be informed of receipt of summons/notice etc from the courts. The records (files and other papers) will be kept in strict confidentiality and will be moved in sealed covers only.

Leave of Absence and duty time: 

  • The appointee shall be entitled to the notified government holidays only. Proportionate deduction will be made from the remuneration for the days of absence.
  • The appointee shall be required to work in the Commission on all working days from 9.30 am to 6.00 pm. Attendance Register will be signed with time of arrival and departure. Late arrivals or early leaving shall be treated as half day absent and remuneration shall be deducted proportionately. 

Terminal Benefits:

  • The appointee shall not be entitled to any terminal benefits, whatsoever, upon the termination/cessation of the contract appointment.
  • The appointment is offered, without following normal procedure of eligibility/skill test or interview etc, hence, the contract shall not entitle the candidate to any right of regular appointment in the Commission/Government or claim for seniority in the service of Government/Commission.

Work Profile of Coordinator for Helpline

The Coordinators shall be responsible for the following

  1. To attend the Helpline and provide guidance/counseling and to maintain records of the same in the Helpline Call Register
  2. To attend to the complainants who visit the Commission in person and register their written complaints
  3. To maintain all other related records
  4. To prepare reports on the Helpline as per the requirements of the Commission


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